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Aquarius Titanica: The Indestructible City - Immersive Escape Room Experience

In an alternate timeline where airships dominate the skies and there is no longer the need for luxury ocean liners, the White Star Line company used its oceanic construction expertise to build an indestructible city instead of the unsinkable ship. As visitors of the new city, you are invited to a high-end grand opening gala of the underwater city, Aquarius Titanica. when a rogue revolutionary decides to take this day of celebration and turn it into a day of destruction where the survival of the city lies in your hands.

In this project, we created a large-scale, immersive escape room experience. It was designed with the idea of a high capacity throughput while not hindering the guest experience. 

Responsibilities: Concept Art and Visual Development, Story Development, and Layout,

Project Team: Evan Wehler, Julie Copenhaver


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