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TRAGEDY lesss gooo babyyy (2).png

Logo Design: Julie Copenhaver

It’s 1930, Chicago, and the great depression has ravaged its citizens and the economy. Many have found themselves living day by day, leaving no room for leisurely activities. Theatre de L’enfer, owned by Edwin Crevier, has been left nearly abandoned and in ruin. When a mysterious book comes into Edwin’s possession, he turns to drastic measures to bring life back to his old theater. Edwin quickly learns as he plays out his own thespian tragedy; be careful what you wish for.

This is my team's Haunt Comp 2023 submission where we placed within the Top 10 out of over 50 teams. We were also awarded Best Layout Deliverable. 

Responsibilities: Creative Director, Project Manager, Stunt Deliverable; Assisted with Visual Development and Writing Deliverables.

Project Team: Evan Wehler, Joanna Blonski, Gianna Monticello, Julie Copenhaver


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