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"Human Fly" Stage Production

Based on the song "Human Fly" by The Cramps, this stage production tells the story of a Mad Scientist who creates the F.L.Y. Ray to shrink himself down to the size of an insect in order to study them and make the next scientific breakthrough. Something goes horribly wrong which turns the scientist into a half-human, half-fly monstrosity. The set is split into two sections, one half being the scientist's study and lounge space with an upper balcony space complete with a spiral staircase allowing for more dynamic performances. The other half is the scientist's lab, with flashing machines and tables full of chemistry equipment. The F.L.Y. Ray hangs in the center of the stage, ready to zap the next soul who dares to sit in the mad scientist's chair. 

Created entirely by me, this set design was made out of white foam core, paper, and a foam black-box.  


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